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This throttle kit comes complete with what you need to throttle your RAD Carburetor! It can be used on 2 and 4 barrel kits in both Draw Through and Blow Through applications.  Cable comes with 2 different ends for your choice on your throttle pedal install, then you cut the other end to your corrected length to attach to your throttle body.


Cable length - 18'8"  

Sheath length - 8'4"


NOTE: Factory throttle pedals and connection location for throttle cable may not be enough throw/range in the pedal to achieve full throttle. You will need to seek professional help to replace throttle pedal to a aftermarket part with a relocated drilled hole to get the full throttle desired. This is due to the pivot location on aftermarket throttle bodies/carburetors is in a different ratio then stock.


Also, for 2 barrel application the mounting point of the bracket to the throttle is closer. You will need to slightly shorten the return spring end to keep tension. 4 barrel requires no modifications. We will shorten the rod end for 2 barrel option before shipping

Carb/EFI Throttle Kit

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