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Flat Rate Tuning for your Holley Terminator X EFI System! RAD can tune your car 3 different ways.


IN PERSON : By dropping off your car or us coming to you! (appoinment only, additional charges for travel time).


DATA LOG / EMAIL: You can Data Log the car your self anywhere in the world, send us the data, then we can view the log to make adjustments to your tune and send it back! (multiple logs required)


REMOTE LIVE TUNING: Connect to your car live anywhere in the world with a solid Wi-Fi connection. We use a simple download program the user installs that allows us to tune your car from our office. Pretty cool huh!? This allows us to tune the car as if we were in the driver seat. (personal laptop required)



  • Create Baseline File for your Vehicle
  • Adjust Fuel Mixture at Idle, Cruise, and WOT
  • Adjust Spark Timing at Idle, Cruise, and WOT
  • Tune cold start and warm start for consistentcy in different temperatures
  • Achieve better fuel economy and performance from your car
  • Limited tech support for your tune after completion
  • Unleash your Horsepower!



After your purchase we will contact you and schedule an appointment date to tune your vehicle



Holley Sniper Tuning

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