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We have developed a kit that has proven itself over and over again; making huge horsepower, while still being reliable and drivable on the streets.The performance and reliability is apparent but this kit delivers consistency at the track as well. Our kits are designed to out-perform and out-drive anything you have seen from other turbo kits; giving you the performance and reliability you deserve, for the price you can afford, and without sacrificing quality!


NOTE: RAD Blow Through 4 Barrel Carburetor Kits do NOT fit under the decklid. Requires decklid standoffs.


RAD BLOW THROUGH Turbo System includes the following: (VW Aircooled)

1 x Turbo Header w/hardware

1 x RAD Blow Through Carburetor

1 x RAD Intake Kit

1 x Downpipe w/ Hardware

1 x RAD Turbo Charge pipe w/ Couplers and Clamps (welded on flange for BOV)

1 x T3 Turbocharger of your choice

1 x Turbo Carburetor Air Bonnet w/ Gasket & Hardware

1 x Vee port BOV

1 x 38mm Wastegate

1 x Oil Feed and Drain lines

1 x Throttle Cable & Sheath

1 x Throttle Bracket w/ Return Springs

1 x Throttle Cable Linkage

1 x Air Filter w/ Coupler and Hardware



Under the decklid - locates the turbo mounting flange near the center of the engine down low with the turbo inlet facing the passenger side of the vehicle.


Drag/off-road headers - locates the turbo flange in the center of the engine up high. The charge pipe routes to the driver side of the engine.


NOTE: Please allow 2-5 weeks for kit processing (varies with work load)

RAD Blow Through Turbo Kits

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