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- 100% 304 stainless steel construction

- Thick 3/8″ flange

- Factory weld-on center support for a solid mounted intake

- Dyno tested

- street proven for superior drivability and reliability.

Built to last made in the USA!


Overall width is made to fit 1600cc to 2387cc  engines 



All 2 barrel MAX Intakes have a 2.5" center T section which reduces to 2" ends for MAX flow! This intake is designs for the 400hp + engines or large NA engine spinning north of 8k rpms.


 The intake will mount to stock location with some modification  trimming the alternator stand. Will fit the High flow CB end castings (2" coupler) or Other custom intake end castings. Shortening of the ends may be required depending on engine width and intake castings used


Comes complete with following hardware:

4 x 8mm bolts
4 x 8mm nuts
2 x 2" Silicone couplers
4 x T bolt clamps
1 x Flange gasket

RAD 2 Barrel MAX Intake Kit

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