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Each carburetor is thoroughly converted and calibrated to your engine/car specs. These E85/Gas carburetors will give you the best performance you can ask for.  We believe you deserve the best so we offer the best in E85/Gas performance


All RAD carburetors are built to order and built specific to your application so that you get the best performance possible from your carburetor. Here is a few details when you buy your carburetor


  • Completely disassembled, modified, cleaned, and inspected
  • Carbs get converted and calibration
  • Properly adjusted to our specs and match your combo 
  • Ready to Run!
  • Over the phone tech service to help with install and tune


What carburetor is right for me?

600 cfm: This 4 barrel we would use for 95% of the VW engines for Draw Through, Blow Through, and All Motor with a minimum size of 1914cc. It tunes very well and has great response when built for Gas or E85.


650/670 cfm: When you need a little more bump from the 600 cfm. Primarily for large engines 2054cc and larger with heads that breath, some decent amount of compression, large cam, and spins up to 8000 rpms










RAD 4 Barrel Carburetors (Vacuum)

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