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RAD SS Turbo Headers:  Under Decklid and Drag/Off-road


- 100% Stainless Steel Construction

- Made in the USA

- Fully TIG Welded

- Thick 3/8" flanges

- 1.5" O.D tubing (Good for 500hp)

- 38mm, 2 bolt Wastegate flange added

- V Band J tube connections (No leaky gaskets!)

- Built on a actual VW Engine to your width/specs to insure perfect fit

- Adjustable turbo elbow to rotate forward/backwards for proper clearence (Under decklid header)

- Fits T3 flanged turbos of any size including 2"- 4" inlets , 2"- 2.5" outlets, and 2.5"- 4" downpipes 


All Headers come with J Tubes for the #1 & #3 exhaust. As well as 2 x V band Clamps



Under the decklid - located the turbo mounting flange near the center of the engine down low with the turbo inlet facing the passenger side of the vehicle. This header can be used Blow Through applications


Drag/off-road headers - locates the turbo flange in the center of the engine up high. You can mount the turbo inlet to the driver or passenger side. This header can be used for Draw Through or Blow Through applications



Contact us after checkout with your custom spec application (measurements, photos, etc.) This option enables you to have the header built specific to your needs to fit your RAD setup! Larger primary tubing is available in this option. as well as turbo flange type.


Engine Width:

You will need to measure your assembled engine from the center of your engine case to the center of the top exhaust stud on the #2 cylinder. Then select which is yours in the drop down to complete your order


NOTE: All RAD SS Headers are built to order. Please allow 2-4 weeks build time after purchase.

RAD SS VW Turbo Headers

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